[RELEASE] cdART Manager Script

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Kode Offline
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Giftie do you use the JSON api? If so could you update to v3 please? http://docs.fanarttv.apiary.io/#music

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Mike_Doc Offline
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Hi Giftie,

I seem to be having problems executing the database update, prior to executing I had artists from A-Z and now after updating the artist lists ends with just A-B and very little in the B section. My XBMC library is the same, infact I just added more which is why I#m executing CDartmanager.

Sorry, can't give you my logfile. xbmclog says it has been censored and won't upload it. Pastebin says entry is too large.

I have the file saved if there is another way to get it to you?

Perhaps it is connected to what Kode has asked as I did notice a constant repeat of 'ALBUM NOT MATCHED ON FANART.TV' in the logfile?
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