[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use MCE remote in XBMC under Windows the easy way

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Set ctrl+alt+enter as a shotrcut for xbmc.

(2014-05-28 21:47)JiiJii Wrote:  I'm having trouble with Gotham and MCE. XBMC does not start when I press ctrl-alt-enter. Aftr reboot it does start once, but not after exiting xbmc.

Any ideas?
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I built a new htpc with Intel i3 and Windows 7 64-bit. I sed to have htpc based on ION and Windows 7 32-bit.
I have a VRC-1100 remote, and everything worked with the old htpc, including the green start button to start XBMC. I used autohotkey to do all this.

With the new htpcc, everything else works with the remote, but the green start button won't start xbmc with autohotkey.
Showkey.exe shows that green start button sends command <return mod="alt">Notification(Key, return, 3)</return>. Isn't that Alt-enter? Is there a way to make it send ctrl-alt-enter?


Now I managed to get the remote to start windows media center, and alt-ctrl-enter starts xbmc. Showkey shows that the remote sends <leftwindows>Notification(Key, leftwindows, 3)</leftwindows>.

I'm getting closer Smile

How do I change the remote to start xbmc? autohotkey is istalled and the registry is changed as advised.
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I suddenly have lost the ability to use ctrl+alt+f5 in XBMC. This has stopped the Green Button from returning me to the Home screen inside XBMC.
I can't even use the keyboard to do it. My keymap.xml hasn't changed. I still have <f5 mod ="ctrl,alt" etc. in the xml file. I changed it to F6 and it still
won't work even with the keyboard. So, knowing that the "esc" key still worked I changed the GSB script to use the esc key for return to home function.

I'm still stumped as to why the ctrl_alt stopped working inside XBMC.
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its not something random like you have an F-Lock accidentally pressed on the keyboard, meaning the "F5" command is not coming through?
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Hey, for some reason the xbmcustomregis installer messes up all my binds for PowerDVD. Additionally, none of my modifcations that I make with MCERemapper stick. For instance, I made the red button ALT+F4, but instead it only tabs.

1- What Operating system are you using? The version of the OS i.e. Beta, Final Release, Ultimate etc..? 32bit or 64bit?
64 bit Windows 7 Professional
2- What Remote are using? Is it Microsoft Comaptible or is it Microsoft Certified?
3- Was the Remote Certified for use with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7?
4- What IR receiver are you using? HTPC built-in or a USB one? Did the IR receiver come with your remote or did you buy it separately?
USB, came with the device
5- IF you are using a USB IR receiver have you got a built-in IR receiver in your HTPC by any chance? Have you disabled the Built-in IR receiver before using the USB one?
No Built in IR-Receiver, here is my mobo: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A2VJ...UTF8&psc=1
6- Is your IR Receiver listed as "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" under the "Human Interface Devices" in the "Device Manager"?
7- Have you tried any kind of software before trying my customised setup? Have you used any apps like EventGhost before using my setup? This is IMPORTANT, if you used Eventghost in the past you might still have the "Hid service disabled" then you need to Enable the HID service again by UNTICKING "Disable hid Service" in EventGhost.
8- Please let me know which version of the .reg file you used or if you used the Auto installer method?
I used the auto-installation method and the key remapper program to change a single bind.
9- If its Keyboard.xml issue, then please include what version did you use and where did you put it? Also if you changed anything in the Keyboard.xml in the system installation folder of XBMC?
Not changing the keyboard.xml at all. This borks my blu ray player, PowerDVD.
10- Finally What XBMC version are you using?
Frodo, 12.3

MCERemapper is saving the binds after subsequent restarts, but, the binds are still doing what the default function is. For instance, when you instal XBMCustomregis, "Red" is "tab." When I change it to ALT+F4, it still tabs, what is going on!?

I figured it out. On my remote, the colored buttons were all labeled something. For instance, red was labeled "Zoom." In MCERemapper there is a key for the "zoom" button, and when I changed that key to ALT+F4, it worked. So, when I was changing the "red" key, that was modifying some key that wasn't on my remote as seen by my PC.
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I'm having an issue getting the Green Button on the MCE remote to launch XBMC using the GSB_Script_AllinOne script with autohotkey. Pressing the Green button still launches Windows Media Center. I've got the official remote and the script is running, I've rebooted multiple times. Any ideas?
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(2014-07-19 12:20)mupet0000 Wrote:  I'm having an issue getting the Green Button on the MCE remote to launch XBMC using the GSB_Script_AllinOne script with autohotkey. Pressing the Green button still launches Windows Media Center. I've got the official remote and the script is running, I've rebooted multiple times. Any ideas?

I'm having the exact same issue. I'm running on Windows 7 with the latest Gotham release 13.1. Please help anyone?
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