[RELEASE] YouTube (Video) Plugin - De facto default standard YouTube Addon for XBMC

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dCypher Online
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Question: Since updating with the latest "fix patch" videos that I watch in the "Watch Later" section do not automatically get removed. Further, I can no longer manually removed videos from Playlist.

Everything else works nicely, including getting past the two factor authentication.

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

Using XBMC since 2004 (the good old days)
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cruise Offline
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I usually say to delete the .pyo file when you update the .py, just to be sure. It won't hurt anything to do so.
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Crowly Online
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(2014-07-12 18:27)MediaPi Wrote:  I am unable to get 1080p quliaty from Youtube addon. The highest quality I can get is 720p. Is there a solution to this?
A little bit late, but looking at this issue thread on the plug-ins github page: https://github.com/HenrikDK/youtube-xbmc.../issues/33
It seems to mainly be an issue with XBMC/dvdplayer not being able to play the adaptive stream (DASH). According to jmbreuer post it should be possible, but it will require some more development
Quote:I've had a look at the XBMC code; I didn't see a way how that would be possible out of the box. Looking further, it certainly seems that writing a InputStream / Demuxer implementation for XBMC's DVDPlayer core is possible. But that's not something I'd manage to do in an afternoon

The final post in that thread is both positive and negative
Quote:Once XBMC can play DASH videos, we will implement it in the plugin.
But XBMC Gotham will never be able to play DASH.
The last sentence worries me a bit, and leaves me with the question "why will Gotham never be able to play DASH?". Is it an issue resource prioritization, the devs have more important things to tackle than adding support for DASH streams to the dvdplayer core, or is it as simple as we have to wait for XBMC 14+? Something else?
Whatever is required here, hopefully it will be implemented in a not to distance future, since streaming is not likely to become less popular Wink
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