[RELEASE] Advanced Launcher - Applications Launcher Addon for XBMC

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(2014-04-21 20:59)Angelscry Wrote:  
(2014-04-21 20:48)coullgfx Wrote:  Hi I'm quite new to xbmc, so I apologise if I'm asking something that's already covered, but there's, thousands of posts in this thread Sad

I have finally managed to set up advanced launcher with hyperspin, it launches fine, but when I close hyperspin, and xbmc pops back up, my task bar is visible and I have to click on xbmc again or alt tab back to it.

It's not too bad on PC, but I'm about to build a htpc, and hoping to eventually have a remote, so won't be using mouse or keyboard.

I installed someone's steam launcher yo launch big picture and that is fine when exiting.

I'm using aeon mq5 skin if that makes any difference

Any advice is appreciated
Hide your task bar. You don't need it if you use your PC as an HTPC.

Lol I suppose that will work, I will be loading windows 8 onto htpc when it's built, not sure if that has a task bar, but I will keep this in mind lol

Thanks for quick reply
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In case that does not work try exiting xbmc when starting hyperspin and in hyperspin config make it launch xbmc when exiting, this will start xbmc with focus.
i did this because hyperspin start many differents things in many differents resolution and it was more efficient with xbmc.
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Hide taskbar is not really a sollution.
XBMC works normally in fullscreen and if taskbar is shown, then this mean that XBMC does not have focus.

I dont have those problems (it might be that XBMClauncher takes care of focus).

But you can use NIRCMD commandline to set a focus after your external program is closed.
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Hi there,

I'm using Gotham which I guess is not 100% supported, so I simply moved the extracted zips to .xbmc. I'm trying to get retroarch to work, but after many hours of tinkering i'm about to give up, just can't get it to work. Perhaps someone can give me a 1-2-3 to-do list to get retroarch + GBA or SNES working?

Ps: using OpenElec 4 beta.


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Easiest/most trouble free way of solving focus issues after launching a application I have found is to quit xbmc, then re-launch xbmc always in fullscreen afterwards (via a xbmc commandline switch or advancedsettings.xml). This is the batch file I use (adapted from the one contained in Rom Collection Browser):

@echo off
Title Running %*

set XBMCLaunchCmd="C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe"

echo Stopping XBMC...
taskkill /f /IM xbmc.exe>nul 2>nul

echo Starting %*...


echo Restarting XBMC...
cscript //B //Nologo "%appdata%\XBMC\userdata\addon_data\script.games.rom.collection.browser\scriptfil​es\LaunchXBMC.vbs" %XBMCLaunchCmd%

timeout /T 2

c:\emulation\scripts\curl.exe -i -X POST -d "{\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"method\": \"GUI.ActivateWindow\", \"params\": { \"window\": \"programs\", \"parameters\": [ \"plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher?b58a9a738afdece57f3d511816e619e8\" ] }, \"id\": 1 }" -H "content-type: application/json;" http://localhost:9191/jsonrpc

You need the LaunchXBMC.vbs script from Rom Collection Browser (simply installing it should be fine) to prevent errors occurring from xbmc being shutdown uncleanly, which the batch file does - xbmc can take over 10 seconds to shutdown cleanly. (To be honest Ive never gotten this error with Advanced Launcher, but I have with RCB + Steam Launcher, which both quit xbmc, but I havent used Advanced Launcher with out the vbs script) The last command is to return xbmc to the emulator category within advanced launcher on xbmc restarting.

launchers.xml looks like:
<args>C:\emulation\emulators\Stella\Stella.exe "%rom%"</args>

My Add-ons, only available for XBMC:
Steam Launcher|Music Party Mode|Reboot2oOS|Triple J Radio
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Swifty Offline
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I have just setup Advanced Launcher on Gotham B4 (using the direct download from the first post).

I'm using it to launch my Bluray player software and also Firefox for some web based catchup TV.
It's working great on the launcher side, but I'm having a problem where the idle timer in XBMC is kicking in and putting the PC to sleep while the external apps are running.
Is Advanced Launcher supposed to keep XBMC's idle timer from being started while the 'launched' app is running, or is this something I can handle another way?
(I'd rather not have to kill / restart XBMC when the external app is launched if it can be helped).

Running on Windows 8.1 if it's any different...
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