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[RELEASE] Cinema Experience - the new Home Theater Experience Script

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revned Offline
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(2014-04-15 23:50)revned Wrote:  
(2014-04-15 18:25)giftie Wrote:  
(2014-04-15 10:22)revned Wrote:  Is it possible to let the script play a random movie from the library?

Since the removal of HTTP-API from XBMC(now going on 2 years) there is no direct method of randomly choosing a movie to play. A script can be created that can poll XBMC for all of the Movie ID's then randomly choose an ID. Then it can call the script with the ID.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this Sad

Is there anyone who can help me with this? I managed to create a smart playlist with only 1 random film in it. From there I can start Cinema Experience from the info screen of the movie. But what I really want is a button on the homescreen that automatically starts cinema experience with this movie.

I know how to create a shortcut on the homescreen to the smart playlist. I even know how to create a shortcut on the homescreen that automatically starts the movie in the smart playlist. So it feels like I'm so close, yet so far away...

I tried overriding the play button in settings, but this really quirks up my XBMC.
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thejoker030 Offline
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(2014-04-15 06:20)aptalca Wrote:  Yup it's the back button. I did that same thing. . . Set the trivia for a long time and I press the back button when everyone is settled

Thank you guys so much! Worked perfectly!
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dbldown768 Offline
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(2014-04-14 05:51)giftie Wrote:  
(2014-04-14 02:18)dbldown768 Wrote:  
(2014-04-14 01:57)giftie Wrote:  This should be fixed in the next release

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a work around I can try? Could you elaborate on the issue? I rolled back to version 3.0.6 and worked but then the same problem came back even on that version.

On some systems, the script will attempt to open full screen video before XBMC has the video ready to play. This seems to happen mostly on OpenElec systems and some windows systems. All previous versions have the same code.

I know it is not typically recommended, but If i pull from the github repository will this fix be included?

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