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[RELEASE] Cinema Experience - the new Home Theater Experience Script

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Ic3y Offline
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Post: #3886
Have you tried browsing your movies, hit info on the movie you want, then select Cinema Ex ?

You can also configure the Cinema Ex settings to automatically launch Cinema Ex when you play a movie.
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lockeyant Offline
Junior Member
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Post: #3887
Thanks Ic3y it worked. Sorry I feel a bit stupid now, I'm very new to xbmc and absolutely loving it, and now thanks to this forum learning all the time. What's the setting in cinema ex to auto play?

Thanks again
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Ic3y Offline
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Post: #3888
It's under Miscellaneous --> Override Play Button.
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dbldown768 Offline
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Post: #3889
I just connected a veralite system to my house and a z wave dimmer. I was able to edit the home automation python script to get some events working. The only event that isnt working is when the script ends by me pressing the stop button. Is there a way to get the lights to reset based off the event when I use the stop button?

There also seems to be a long time between the pause and resume events:
15:54:27 T:140451920607040   DEBUG: OnKey: 230 (0xe6) pressed, action is Pause
15:54:27 T:140451920607040   DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnPause from xbmc
15:54:27 T:140451920607040   DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 1, from xbmc, message OnPause
15:54:27 T:140451920607040   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogSeekBar.xml) ------
15:54:27 T:140451436803840   DEBUG: [Cinema Experience] - Playback Started
15:54:27 T:140451920607040   DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 787200:77 0 KEY_PAUSE_UP devinput (KEY_PAUSE_UP)
15:54:43 T:140451436803840   DEBUG: [Cinema Experience] - Playback Paused
15:54:45 T:140451436803840   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
15:54:45 T:140451436803840  NOTICE: [script.cinema.experience] - [ home_automation.py ] - activate_on( Pause ) Triggered
15:54:45 T:140451436803840  NOTICE: [script.cinema.experience] - [ home_automation.py ] - Trigger Pause
15:54:45 T:140451436803840  NOTICE: [script.cinema.experience] - [ home_automation.py ] - paused!!!!

Motherboard P5N7A-VM, E8400 C2D 3.0 processor. NVIDIA 9300 graphics card. OpenELEC Stable - Generic x86_64 Version:3.2.4
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litfoo Offline
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Post: #3890
hi there,

I have upgraded to Gotham 13.2 and have re-installed the CE Script

Unfortunately it seems to be locking up my XBMC when I click on the button.

Can anyone see why this may be occurring?

Debug log here



Intel NUC DC3217IYE, 8GB Corsair RAM, Crucial 120GB mSATA, Windows 8.1 - XBMC Frodo 12.3- Aeon MQ 5 / Aeon Nox, JVC HD-550 Projector, Beamax M Series 10015 Screen, Synology DS1812+, Qnap TS-410, Logitech Harmony 1000 & RF Extender, Flirc+ USB dongle

[Image: all-thin-fanart.jpg]
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Crispybishop Offline
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Post: #3891
I can never successfully run CE. In Genesis, I choose the "Cinema Experience" option and nothing happens...at all.

Here's my debug...shows lots of errors. Using ACE skin with the latest CE version from Github for the latest Gotham version.

Can you interpret this? Thanks!!!!

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BugRaider84 Offline
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Post: #3892
Hi there,

first of all thanks giftie and everyone else involved for this awesome script.

I played around with it a lot the last days and I have some problems, that I hope you guys can help me with:
(running XBMC 13 Gotham with Aeon Nox 4.1.9 and CE 4.0.13 Gotham on OSX)

1. When I'm using trailer stream (720p) it is always buffering to a certain point and than comes up with this notification (picture below) and starts playing to the point where I guess it buffered to, then pauses and buffers again and so on...
[Image: 3cZd6XK.jpg]

If I want to use a local folder or the option to play trailers from my movie library nothing at all happens. No trailer is playing, instead CE just gets straight to the next step (like Movie Trailer Outro)...

2. I created a video playlist with VLC in m3u format and tried to use this as my coming attractions outro. It completely messes with the whole CE, it doesn't play any videos instead of the Audio and then goes straight to the movie...
I will try to creat a different playlist format and try again but still would like to know the error Wink

Again this is an awesome script that makes the experience truly special.

P.S.: Would it be possible in any way - as the very last thing before the movie starts - to show the movies logo or clearart (by choice) in front of a black screen for like 1.5 - 2 seconds?
what I would do is something like a video that says my HC proudly presents and after that video CE pulls the logo.png to show for 2 secs and then the movie starts Tongue Big Grin
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jasemilly Offline
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Post: #3893
HI I have the cinema experience working on my test machine(laptop) and am in the process of setting up a full blown system in my living room.

Hi have created an Arduino project that controls all my lights in that room using a custom webpage. I have been reading through the forum and I am sure it can be done but I getting a little lost with all the information. When the main film is about to start is it possible to send a HttpRequest, like as an example URL.

Thanks, really looking forward to using this alot with friends and family.
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