[RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32

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Here is the example announcement preset I was talking about, save it as announce.ann in the announce folder and disable d3dex in the advanced settings. Let me know if it still works Big Grin.

float t;
float announce_time = 10;

Texture envTexture;
Mesh nameMesh;
int len = 0;

void Init()
   t = 0;
   string name = CurrentTrackInfo.Title;
   nameMesh.CreateTextMesh( name, true );
   len = name.length();

void Render()
    t = t + (TIMEPASS / announce_time);
    if ( t > 1.0f)
        t = 1.0f;
        FINISHED = true;
    float lookx = 0.0-(Cos(t*3.141592)*(len+6)*0.3);
    float eyex = ((t-0.5)*(len+4)*0.6);
    float eyez = 3.0*Sin(t*3.14159)*Sin(t*3.14159);

    gfxLookAt(    eyex, 0, -eyez, lookx, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0 );
    gfxDrawMesh( nameMesh );

I was thinking about generating the 3d font offline so it would work without having to disable d3dex but like everything else I never got around to it.

Nice work with your library! Vortex doesn't support including other files from the presets, it would be possible to add this but like you said I think a lot of your functions would be better as part of Vortex itself.

I'm currently rebuilding my old PC so I may have the source soon (assuming the hard drive hasn't died) and then we can start looking at adding some of your changes.

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OK, tried the announcement file (changed the texture file to one that actually exists in the installation Textures) in the Announcements folder with d3dex disabled and it did not produce anything when the songs changed.

I copied the file with extension .vtx into the Presets folder and triggered it manually, and it worked!

[Question] Will disabling d3dex affect any other function in XBMC/Kodi ?

I added another shape to the library: Speaker is the first composite shape I made, I put the preset SpeakersRain.vtx in my Vortex google drive.

I had a lot of fun playing with Vortex, even though it is as it is in XBMC. My vacations end this weekend, so my production of presets will diminish greatly, but I still want to help setting Vortex in shape, MrC, when your PC is up and running.

I think the todo list is being made:
* Update the samples type from int to float
* Add the library shapes to Vortex source
* Fix announcement handling
* Add debug functions in dedicated log file and/or on screen (debugging is a headache right now)
* Update Vortex wiki manual page
* Repopulate the Textures folder with more textures files

My personal suggestions for further Vortex improvement are:
* pre define some useful global variables: like TIME, PI, TAU, RAD2DEG, DEG2RAD
* add some useful classes: coor3D coor2Dxy coor2Dxz coorTex
* add some useful utility functions: like sign, fclamp ,iclamp.
* add color handling by its ARGB value (instead of having to split the R G B components)
* Allow loading textures from any XBMC path (so not only album art is available, but any graphics that is there)
* I would add also a predefined texture TEXTURE_ARTIST
* Allow creating textures from binary data inside the preset.
* On the wild side: Support animated GIFs texture files!
* almost forgot!: Preset management: create new type of preset: preset playlist

And for the Kodi team I would suggest that visualizations be allowed to be screen savers, maybe by defining a new folder in Vertex for the screen saver presets (presets that don't need music samples to run, just passing time)
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Added RipplingSlice.vtx preset
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