Poofyhairguy's HTPC Recommendation Thread

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Not sure where to post this but, my computer in my room is never turned off and has a few folders shared allowing anyone on the network to access 1TB+ of movies and 500GB+ of tv shows.

1x USB 5v 1A (Not used)
1x USB 5v 0.5A (Not used)
3x HDMI (Two are being used for Sky and for connecting tablets/phones...etc, one is spare)
1x LAN (Unused, No ethernet cable near the TV)
1x Service (Unused)
1x Component / AV In (Used for the Wii)
1x Scart (Unused)
1x DVI 3.5" Audio In (Used sometimes for headphone use)
1x Optical Audio Out (Unused)

1x VGA
1x RCA Audio In (Left and Right Unused)
2x HDMI (One being used)
1x Component / AV In (Unused)
2x Scart (One used for Wii, one is spare)

I was looking at getting two android dongles to plug into the TV's but unsure if this would suffice, obviously on the second TV I would think the best option(s) are HDMI or VGA routes.

What would be the cheapest but best way for me, considering all the media would be streamed via wireless?
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(2014-03-06 10:23)schumi2004 Wrote:  
(2014-01-26 18:57)poofyhairguy Wrote:  
(2013-11-01 16:24)husky55 Wrote:  It would be nice if this sticky is updated to today's hardware!!!!

Agreed my OP is out of date. Some of the advice is OK (I STILL think ssds are the way to go) but the hardware isn't.

I would love some recommendations for an update.
Include a fan-less section?

Planing to replace my existing setup with a fan-less one but totally have no clue where to start Wink
I'm definitely interested in an updated hardware list particularly including a fanless setup section. My old HTPC was built off these guides back in late 2011, and I'm looking to replace it with a fanless system (and use the core of the current HTPC as an UnRAID server while I'm at it).
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