Working asoundrc for Acer R3610 HDMI

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solidunit Offline
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Does anyone have their Acer R3610 (or similar ION based nettop) HDMI audio working perfectly? When I say perfectly, i mean with the channels correctly remapped and FLAC multi-channel audio playing okay? Seems like I had mine working ok and at some point I did something and no sound worked at all, forcing me to rebuild my asoundrc file. Unfortunately, I rebuilt it manually and I think I'm missing some entries because xbmc inexplicably crashes when I play certain mkv's.

I'm using the latest XBMCbuntu, btw.

If you have your HDMI sound working correctly could you please post your asoundrc ? thanks
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derchris Offline
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I have a R3610, and had a problem with AC3/DTS before.
This is now fixed, and I should have a working environment with HDMI.
The only thing not working after the last change is that I no longer have sound in the XBMC menue.
But I can get AC3/DTS from my receiver, and also all other Audio is working fine.
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Uridium_uk Offline
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I had the no sound issue caused by asoundrc on my Revo 3610...I just deleted asoundrc file and removed the Mixer GUI app. Never had a problem since and all my audio working fine through HDMI....
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