[RELEASE] Xperience1080 2.1 for XBMC 12.x

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(2014-09-11 20:09)larysius Wrote:  Love this skin, but sadly it hangs and freezes a lot even on my high end machines. Keep up the good work though, beautiful work!

Well that's strange, no freeze here on my end since i'm using this skin.
Maybe xbmc crash log could help.
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I'll dig one up when I get home. I've never uploaded one before though, so is there a particular way I should do it?
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I have to say, this skin is the absolute best and most sensible-looking XBMC skin I've seen so far! It's almost exactly what I've been looking for!

If you don't mind a few questions:

-when using your skin, is there some indication of SD vs HD content? perhaps a small 'sd'/'hd' overlay in a corner of the DVD cover?
-I'm assuming XBMC plays MKVs along with embedded and external subtitles along with multiple audio tracks. In your skin, during playback of a file, is there a simple menu that I can click to change audio and subtitle language? Such as in the menu bar, it displays "EN /\" and I click on the up arrow, and it gives a list of the available audio tracks or subtitle tracks, listed by ISO language code?
-Can I search subtitle text for specific lines and then go to that scene (say, back up 5-15 seconds before something comes up in the subtitle to catch the context)?
-Can I view stats such as # episodes/seasons completed/watched out of a series, so that if I've watched the first season of ST: TNG, it'll say "26/178 episodes watched, 14.6% finished" or something like that?
-Can I create music playlists or import Zune/Windows Media Player playlists?
-When playlist a playlist, is there any kind of visualization? Zune had a great rotating album cover visualization with subtle color changes and floating text, and in the now playing screen, slowly moving artist artwork with zooming onto the screen text with subtle color shifts. It was incredibly beautiful to watch. If your now playing screen were even an exact clone of that, I'd donate at least 50 euro.
-When viewing TV series, or movies, do you have sub-pivots to sort those by title, genre, rating, year, airdate (for TV), and cast+crew?
-Can I create video playlists so that I can watch Star Trek: Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager in in-context order, or Buffy and Angel in the right order, and have it remember where I left off in the playlist to resume later?
-In viewing movies, can I view them 3 or 4 covers high in 'pages' of maybe 15-20 or so? Or perhaps a page of 'ABC' (movies that start with A, B, or C) that can scroll vertically, and then I scroll to the right to get DEF, GHI, etc. when viewing by title.
-In viewing TV shows, after selecting a series, can I then see the seasons within that series as DVD covers? Zune did this pretty well in showing the episode list, while keeping DVD covers on-screen. Perhaps showing on the right half episode #, name, duration, and thumbnail (maybe 150px or so), and to the left, season artwork, with next season underneath, indicating that I can press down to get the next season.
-When viewing a season, is there a 'play all' and 'resume' option so that I can play the entire season straight through, or resume where I last paused or ended an episode?
-Can I post an episode or series to Facebook, like people do with Spotify or whatever, showing the season/series DVD cover, series/episode name, and summary, with a little FB update? That'd be a great way to share what I'm watching with friends.
-When using your skin, can I somehow share my collection with others to see what shows my friends have, or let them see mine? Then mark which shows I like or would like to watch so we know what to bring over to that friend's house later.
-Using your skin, can I view my library statistics, perhaps in the same pivots as the shows/movies themselves? Such as seeing for each series, how much I've watched (26/178 episodes, or 14.6% watched) or little pie charts of watched? Or how many series are in each genre, or when each show originally started/ran on a timeline. That would be really cool to see.

I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm to the point myself that I am looking at building out my own entire application for Windows 8 and if your skin+XBMC can do what I was looking to do, then that's one less thing I've got to do!
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hello black, I have one request for the next xperience skin, could you add the "game widget" that eddage did with his skin "personna", it will suit very well on xperience I think
thanks for your work
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Sad  RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 2.1 for XBMC 12.x
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(2014-09-12 01:42)larysius Wrote:  I'll dig one up when I get home. I've never uploaded one before though, so is there a particular way I should do it?

Send the log mate...I'm also having lots of locking up and freezing . I'm using Android ...Configured it the way I want but had to disable....
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