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toyota12303 Offline
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This is my Xbox One Skin completely based off the beautiful immersive skin created by Sranshaft - Thanks for your great work!

You will have to delete the previous version of the skin before installing this one

Make sure that if the setup doesn't run when you install, go to the settings and uncheck the option
that says run setup on next boot as this will enable a lot of features!

If anyone is getting loads of script errors and problems with the skin then i recommend running through this list :

Pastebin Scripts List

If you want to view the most recent changes then you can read a little list here :

Pastebin Skin Changes

XBL Friends Script

(Just install via XBMC Store or extract to addons folder.)
Xbox 360 Controller Keymap

(Just extract it to your keymaps folder in xbmc\system\keymaps\)
Xbox One Controller Keymap

(Just extract it to your keymaps folder in xbmc\system\keymaps\)
Keyboard Keymap

(Just extract it to your keymaps folder in xbmc\system\keymaps\)
720p FRODO Download

(Just extract to your addons folder or install via store)
1080p FRODO Download

(Just extract to your addons folder or install via store)
720p GOTHAM Download

(Just extract to your addons folder or install via store)
1080p GOTHAM Download

(Just extract to your addons folder or install via store)
If you prefer the old programs view

(Just extract to your addons 720p folder)
If you are experiencing errors with XBMC on Windows, then i have created a custom version that includes everything set up and working. You can get it from here :
This runs in portable mode and doesn't effect your appdata folder. Everything is stored where the main executable is.


For anyone who is interested in some video plugins that i have made you can download them from the link below.

There are :

Cutipie Video Channel
PewDiePie Video Channel
PlasmaPoolTV Video Channel
SixPackShortcuts Video Channel
TheSoundYouNeed Video Channel

They can all be downloaded from here.

For anyone that is interested in creating their own YouTube Channel Plugins, then i have just created a little tool that will create them for you.
All you have to do is download the fanart.jpg and icon.png that you want, copy them to the folder.
Run through the 3 simple steps and input the channel name and it will code it for you!

I also created a simple tutorial video that will explain everything a little better : YouTube Tutorial

Anyone who wants to download the tool, you can get it from here : Download

If you like this skin and you feel that you would like to help out a little bit then you can donate here :


Video Preview1 - By ADHDMedia.
Video Preview2

Here are some previews of how the skin is currently looking :

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bakito Offline
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seems interesting!!
just a question, to really add the "one" feeling are you going to have a better integration of advanced launcher?
I add a conversation with the author of this excellent plugin to achieve that :

(2013-06-01 23:25)Angelscry Wrote:  
(2013-06-01 22:59)bakito Wrote:  hello angel, as an big user of advanced launcher I would like to thank you first, it has been a revolution for xbmc to me, I was wondering , if I may, is it possible to integrate it even more in xbmc ui, I use xperience skin and I dream to be able to have poster from my last installed games on the home ( like it does with movies and tv shows) , click on it and boom the game launch ( again like a movie )
is it possible? or even add an "advanced launcher plugin" ( a 2nd program extension ) that use our launcher.xml to achieve that?
Since I saw the new game console, I think that my htpc with advanced launcher is already "next generation" the only thing I'm missing is this ability to integrate advanced launcher even more in it ....
If this is too hard ( or impossible ) ...well too bad ...but if their is a chance... Smile
Anyway, thanks again for your work and quick support !
Merci et à bientôt!
We need first to create and add an XBMC widget (service add-on) dedicated to Advanced Launcher, that will be directly linked to Advanced Launcher and that will extract the info you want to display form the launchers.xml file. If you want to display the "last installed item"... this information is actually not stored into launchers.xml file, so Advanced Launcher has also to be modifed to integrate and manage this information. Finally, the more important, the skins have also to be modifed to display this information and link an action to it (start the game).

I can do the 2 first steps (service creation and modify the launchers.xml content). But to be honest, I do not really like widgets. In my opinion they overcharge display with useless informations : For example, "last installed item" have been generaly installed by the user itself... But for the last step (skin integration), it has to be done by skin makers... and here , except "Cirrus Extended V2", actually skins are far to integrate all the features that Advanced Launcher include (trailers, extra fanart, view/not view state, etc...).

well I'm no coder and don't know how to achieve this but maybe you are?
anyway thanks for considerate it and good luck with your mod!!
just a thought, if I recall correctly, the xbox one hub is composed by different category ( home , movie ...) but each one is full screen and we have to switch from screen to sceen to navigate...I don' t know if I'm clear sorry, I mean you navigate through the skin a bit like in xperience 1080...
well, thanks to add your skill for xbmc community !
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Yunyoe25 Offline
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very nice cant wait
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butchabay Offline
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Really nice concept! Keep it up
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Westane Offline
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Does this skin require me to check in every 24 to keep it functioning?

I know, I know... that joke is so two days ago, still couldn't resist...
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toyota12303 Offline
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Thanks everyone for the comments and Bakito sorry but i don't know how to do something like that but once i have finished the my pins section you will be able to go into advanced launcher and add a game to my pins and you will be able to access this from the dashboard. I might do this by listing the favourites on the my pins section - this way it will list all your favourites, or by adding a new button to the context menu to add pins - this way they will be separate to the favourites. what do you think would be better ? and yes your right the xbox one dashboard looks very different to what i have done at the moment but this is just a start Smile This is how i want it to look when finished for anyone who doesnt know what the xbox one dashboard looks like :

[Image: um9j49h.jpg]

at the moment mine doesnt look much like it but i am slowly getting there Tongue

and here are a couple of images of what i have recently changed :

[Image: 2MxoQqA.jpg]

Here i have added the labels for each category at the top. and changed the panels. (loads of it still needs changing)

[Image: wZ0Elde.png]

Here i have changed the search button in the charms to search the youtube video plugin. And i have also changed the bing search to open webpages - you can type e.g. and it will open the page in the web browser script Smile
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toyota12303 Offline
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Now the skin is starting to look more like the Xbox one Big Grin

here are some images of what i have changed so far :

[Image: tumZKTX.png]

[Image: oSRbGth.png]

[Image: NaQPzgB.png]

[Image: NAPbF28.png]

[Image: JsR8aPh.png]

[Image: xhdD6N5.png]

[Image: TToaypd.png]

still need to change and fix a few things then i will post a testing release Tongue
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bakito Offline
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VERY NICE!!!!!!!
Great work so far!
I can t wait to test it!
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bakito Offline
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how does the game panel works?
which views will you put in your skin?
really seems very nice! (againSmile
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spencer123 Offline
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Smile  RE: [WIP] Xbox One Skin
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Excellent work, can`t wait to try
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ZexisStryfe Offline
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I have to say, this looks quite good toyota. One thing to note though- some of your fonts seem rather small (recent, recommended, and the tile labels stick out). Be sure to test the skin on a TV from normal TV distance to make sure everything is readable. Personally I have found people tend to complain about being able to see anything under 18-point for 720p skins (I believe I go as far down as 16-point in my skin and that is where I get complaints).

Check out my new skin- metroTV (XBMC Thread) (Project Site)

[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
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Baswazz Offline
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Looks great!

Frontend : Running on AMD Fusion A6-3500
Frontend : Raspberry PI (Raspbmc)
Remote : Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid (revised) / Boxee remote
Ziggo TV Channel Logo Pack (Dutch)
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Sranshaft Offline
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I like where you've taken Immersive. Looking forward to check out how you did the titles with the variable sized background on the tiles. I'd love to incorporate that back into Immersive as well as the wide tiles on the home screen. Keep up the good work mate.

[Image: all-thin-fanart.jpg]
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mistenkt Offline
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Looks like the right amount of personalisation that im looking for Smile Hope u get an alpha out soon Smile
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toyota12303 Offline
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Update :

Here are a few more changes that i have made :

Now all the main advert images get updated every time you login
Added a window for TV & Movies - but still needs changing
Changed the animations so they look pretty much exactly the same as the xbox one
Created a game info window & a fading window so when you launch a game it doesn't just open it fades into the game and then fades out back to the dashboard when you exit the game
Customized some of the views & colours
Added internet explorer window that's linked to the browser script so you can open websites from xbmc
Finished the recent section of the home tab - this is where you can access your most recent items. e.g. if you play a game through advanced launcher it will show up the fanart on the recent section and from here you can launch it again.This also works for movies & tv shows.
Added a video window to the recent section on the home tab - so now you can minimize a video you're watching and it will go to your recent and keep playing. & im working on the option in the settings to make it pause the video when you minimize it and when you next log in you can carry it on from where you left it.
Changed Navigation sounds
Changed Boot image
Changed Bing search - global search

Here are some of the things im still working on:

Integrating the gamertag script so you can use your xbox live account and view recent achievements, games played, friends, & avatars
Skinning the irc script to look like skype - with this you can setup and enter chat groups and talk with friends on xbmc
Changing the Views for games, videos, apps, music
Link to the rest of the ads so they get updated everytime you log in
Add some options to change the ads to your own pictures in the settings
Change some of the fonts & sizes

Here are a few images of the changes:

[Image: s2yx0IR.jpg]

[Image: jYe5HvE.png]

[Image: DfdsCd9.png]

[Image: hb5nqET.png]

[Image: G6crkFq.jpg]

[Image: 2cZqpNb.jpg]

[Image: uUTGsAV.jpg]

[Image: nTmyGRq.png]

[Image: mhF3KiT.jpg]

[Image: cV58PNG.png]

[Image: MTKs6Mr.png]

[Image: VEmikvf.jpg]

[Image: NVmhG3C.png]

[Image: X8OtKmW.jpg]

[Image: 52XUe3P.jpg]

[Image: vuHAryZ.png]

[Image: iRiNbCb.jpg]

[Image: lj4mBTG.png]

[Image: EpVoWKB.jpg]

[Image: 9oMOBxV.png]

[Image: TIxPhtD.png]

[Image: uXOi6XK.png]

[Image: giNplG8.jpg]

[Image: Y3bbnX8.png]

[Image: 25vEOhD.jpg]
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