[FORK] "PseudoTV Live" w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support

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(2014-07-26 19:55)Lunatixz Wrote:  ::Update::

I'm adding support for http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=200390... it will feature full Music Video EPG listings and a custom overlay that resembles the old MTV pop up... http://i.imgur.com/yUaHkeg.jpg

It will be part of a new "Music Video" chtype that will replace the old "Last.FM" chtype 12.

Looks like this one may be the answer.....

I'm testing out PTVL for use with v13 (to upgrade from v12) before I load it throughout the house and I decided to start building channels from scratch.

Since the Music Video scraper has really only started to become usable I started rebuilding my MV library and I tried to create a smart playlist for music channels but it appears PTVL only fills in 1 entry no matter what I do.

I can create a channel if I use directory mode but I get no metadata displayed and also cannot create based on year/genre

From my reading it appears PTVL has issues creating channels using Music Videos for some reason? The plan is to use this new plugin via the Settings2.xml (as like with creating Youtube and stream based channels)?

Just trying to get a full understanding
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