Linux - [HOW TO] XBMC Linux on Geniatech Devices incl. Gotham Builds

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raymw Offline
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Just a salient question, what is special and better with the OpenElec port build ?? This is I assume for using it with our ATV1200 and 520 boxes ??

Other than no support for Broadcom WiFi, and the less important inability to use the Confluence 7 Icons tweak, I really find the Linux Gotham 13.1 latest build with true 1080 res superb and pretty stable. So thus my question about OpenElec as I am of course just curious about it.

Will this new compiled OpenElec build for are prepping be for Linux XBMC Auxbox? If so I will of course give it a try on a spare ATV 1200 and 520 box and put it through it's paces. That will also maybe help test it for you if needed..

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redi Offline
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agree with the masses here, the latest 1080p linux build on the first page is incredible. everything just works. I stick with the amber skin and all the unneeded menus disabled. super fast and easy to use.

i'm still finding icefilms feeds that have the video freeze at the 10 min mark, but it seems many other people are finding the same issue, and that's an addon issue not an issue with this build.

i've been slowly converting everyone over to xbmc and i'm recommending the atv 520(e) and this linux build, provided that they have an ethernet connection to use. wifi is the only thing missing.

i'm interested to hear about the benefits of openelec though.
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lexi81 Offline
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anyone having audio-sync issues when using spdif output? My audio is 250ms ahead of video....
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AuXBoX Offline
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I think its an issue with gotham, it happens to me on xbmcubuntu if i set refresh rate to auto adjust

Just set all videos to 250ms ahead and all is ok

+ REP if I Help
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