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(2014-08-15 11:14)Popeye Wrote:  
(2014-07-03 21:46)timgt Wrote:  It works fine in Gotham, even Helix which is what I am running. Just make a small change in the addon.xml file so that the python version says python version 2.1.0 and then it installs fine.

Popeye, is there any way to have Pneumatic look in the par2 file before anything else? This file is what shows what order the .rar files are in when they use the format like .10, .11, .12, etc. which are out of order.
These are the files that Pneumatic fails to find a playable file in. I'm sure it would require a lot of work but is it possible that this is the solution for the encrypted/hashed files that fail to play??

As far as I remember I looked into parsing the par2 file for getting the rar file order. However I couldn't find a clear table with nameX->nameY matches. The renaming is done once some checksum is calculated and for that the whole file needs to be present (AFAIK). Thus to get the correct order, all files has to be home and then the purpose of pneumatic is null...

This actually is possible to do without downloading every file. The trick is to use the par2 files to check the MD5 hash of the first 16KB of each file included in the parset. So, typically you need to grab the first segment of every file, rather than the whole post. I put together a proof of concept that takes an NZB, remaps the mangled names and creates a new NZB with the correct rar file names (serial and threaded versions). It is pretty quick, with the threaded version taking about a minute or two to process a 90+ rar file post using 20 nntp connections.

Some guy also wrote an NZB verification tool, which very quickly tests for the existence of each segment. These two tools, used together, can save a lot of time on downloads that otherwise would be a waste of time due to incompleteness or name mangling. Now if only SAB had these abilities integrated...
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